Best Feature of LTO 6 Tape C7976A from IT Sourcehub

LTO tapes are storage tapes used to store data these tapes are exhaustively tested and it can meet all your demands for maximum reliability at the time of restoring data it also offers high storage density ease of management and saleable storage with backup performance.This LTO 6 C7976A tape fulfill all your needs of storage because it is flexible and portable as compared to other media devices like USB.It is designed to take full advantages of LTO technology and also for long life and superior reliability.


This tape has highest capacity and performance as compare to any storage tape it can read and write data up to 2.7 TB PER HOUR and storing, encrypting and protecting data up to 30 TB single cartridge. Its memory chip delivers faster access time and enhanced media monitoring and also ensures of restoring data it is mostly used in large scale business.

This tape is more reliable than enterprise disk with superior smart interlock to prevent the leader pin from being pulled inside the tape housing and sensor in tape detect proper connection and prevent leader loss that would ruin the tape. It also test procedures of load, unload, drop testing and environmental stress testing this ensure maximum reliability for restoring your data.

It provides security at the time of data storing it also enhanced the ability to secure data from being loss.It gives you choice and backup facility through this you can store data for a long period of time.

One of the most prominent reason that LTO tape as the best storage solution for small and medium scale business this LTO 6 tapes c7976a is cost efficient. Distant from the pricing factor that brings business greater affordabilityit brings another value by reducing overall cost when it comes to calculate the overall cost, tape has proven record of delivering best assessment to customers. As compared to portable disk it is the best solution it is not only recognize for cost efficiency but in addition tar brings greater mobility it has been recognize one of the best solution for storage problems.At the time of migration of documents there is risk of loss that includes accidental and natural disasters it is responsible for most of the data loss but backup tapes makes it easy it is much secure than disk you can use it without any doubt. This tape has highest data transfer speed and helpful for organizations you can also find more information about this at for your facility.