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Getting a car rental can make your trip comfortable

Getting to a big city for a vacation doesn’t mean that you’re going to stay at a single place the whole time. Mostly. when you’re on a vacation or a tour, you probably want to get the most out of it. Visiting places for food and photography can be tiresome while you don’t own a personal conveyance. Taxis are over expensive and touring the whole city in taxis and cost you more than you think. You should go for a more reliable and affordable option that is to rent a car for the whole trip. Yes, you heard that right. Car rentals for long term are available in Dubai which can make your trip more convenient. You just rent a car and drive yourself to where ever you want whenever you want. You can even get a car rental Dubai Airport or at any destination in Dubai.

Basic features that you get with a rental

There are some basic features that the service provides alongside almost all the available cars.

Free delivery

If you’re planning to get a car rental Dubai Airport or anywhere in the city, there are no hidden or extra charges of delivering the car to you. You can get it right after you land or right at your doorstep. You just book the car for your trip and after the order is confirmed followed by rent and security payment, you leave the rest to the company.

Free cancellation

In case you’ve changed your mind and you rather don’t want a car rental Dubai Airport or you don’t even want it at your hotel either, but you’ve paid for the car and the order is confirmed already. Some services charge you for order cancellation. But some of them provide free cancellation of your order at any moment.


Insurance and security

Renting service is insured. Your care comes with comprehensive insurance which will cover any damages other than weather damages, animal damages, objects being thrown, theft or accident. You also must pay a security fee for the damages not covered by the insurance. These security charges are paid back to you if the car remains unharmed and intact.


Extra features and add-ons

Other than the basic features, there are a bunch of add-ons and extra features that are available with some cars.

·        Extra features

  • You have unlimited mileage with some cars. This feature is not available with all the vehicles rented. Some of them come with mileage limit.
  • Most of the cars come with many built-in features like Bluetooth and haring port. Yet if the car you afford doesn’t come with the respective feature, you can look for add-ons

·        Add-ons

  • WIFI and charging system can be available as a add-on. This is very helping during long drives because you don’t have to worry if your battery dies out.
  • Reverse camera is necessary in some cases, or in most cases if you’re not a driving expert. It can also be installed if it isn’t already available.
  • GPS is crucial during touring the city. Most of the cars has this feature already but if yours don’t, you can get it installed manually.

Intercity Removal Company Website in London

Professional website dedicated for the intercity removal company in London lists out its complete set of services. You will be able to get the best quotes at the right time. You can compare the quotes from 2 pr 3 companies before selecting the best one. There are certain basic aspects which need to ensure before placing the order. Cargo insurance, packing, car transport (if you plan it through transport service) and insurance and the documentation procedures are the basic aspects which need to be covered.Website

Intercity Removals Website – Cargo insurance

Many of the removal companies in London have direct links with the cargo and car insurance companies. They can arrange for the transit insurance and clear all the related documents.

  • Coverage Options: – Pay attention to the coverage. It should preferably include natural disasters, fire, accidental damages (most common), arson etc. The premium you pay for the coverage also counts. Avoid the unnecessary items and include only the essential and high value items. Many of the insurance companies don’t cover wood, fabrics and other flammable objects. Read through the exclusions sections clearly before taking up the insurance. If you want to have extra coverage for insurance, talk to the service provider about getting it from an external agency. But you need to calculate the premium and evaluate its worthiness first. Refer to the company website for more details.
  • Car Insurance: –  Car Insurance is the most important aspect you need to cover. If the car is being transported in a closed truck, the possibility of damages and accidents will be relatively lesser.

Intercity Removals Website – Packing Services

Packing is one of the most important aspects you need to care. Many of the removal companies in London provide exclusive packing services. This will help in reducing the burden on you.

  • Pre-Inspection:- The packers will conduct a pre-inspection at our home to assess the quantity and types of packing materials. Carton boxes, wooden pallets, foam, bubble sheets, adhesives, fasteners, aluminum strips, tapes and other packing accessories will be arranged by the packing service provider. After inspection they will be able to give you the quote for packing.   Here also you can compare the quotes from 2 or 3 companies before choosing the one with best quality and economical pricing.
  • Packing Procedure: – The packing procedure will become simpler if you assist them in segregation of household items. It is better to categorize them based on size and dimensions. This will help in ensuring custom packing with maximum protection. The company website will give you more details.
  • Labeling Procedure: –  Labeling is an important procedure which helps you identify the related items while arranging things at your new home. You can do it by yourself or ask the packers to do it for you. Make sure you prepare the list of labeled items with proper indexing.Website
  • Stacking Procedure: – This is an important procedure for ensuring the safety of your household items during transit. The loading staff will take care of following the standards. You can check it once and coordinate with them if required.  You can get more information from the company website.