Tips för att hitta lediga fastigheter i Sverige

Are you looking for commercial space in Gothenburg for your new company? Are you thinking about relocating your company to Sweden and are looking for the best commercial space to lease? There are many things that you should consider when looking for commercial space and here is what you need to know.


  •    How Much Space Do You Need?

Certainly, you don’t want your employees to be squeezed into a tiny space. That’s why you should consider the number of employees who will be working from the new office then give each about 1000 square feet. With that estimation, you can comfortably choose a good layout and enough space for your new commercial space in Sweden.


  •    Where Do Your Employees Reside?

When you’re looking for a new commercial space in Sweden to lease, you need to consider your employees’ residences. Afterwards, you can find a commercial space where it’s convenient for them to commute each day. You need a centralized location to make it easy for people to get to the location and retain more talent as well as improve productivity.


Is your business relatively new? Did you recently start getting revenue but are not yet profitable? Well, you might have a hard time convincing a landlord to lease a commercial space to you for a long time. That’s why you should consider subleasing the first office space. A shorter sublease about a month or year will give you enough time to grow your business and convince any landlord that you can afford a long lease.


  •    Choose A Good Commercial Real Estate Agent

If you’re looking for a commercial real estate agent in Sweden, there are some red flags you need to watch out for. First, don’t hire an agent who has never successfully helped a business find an office space. That’s why you need to start with personal recommendations from people you know. Find out their experiences with their real estate agents and if everything feels alright, you can choose the same realtors for your search.


However, it’s advisable to do a little search online to find out more about the agents you’re thinking about hiring. For instance, you should look at the agent’s website to find out the type of services they offer, if they are licensed and certified to offer their services in Sweden and if they charge an exorbitant fee. If you don’t want to get burned, do a lot of research and go with someone who has been recommended to you.


  •    Consider A Co-working Space

Do you have a tight budget? Do you think a flexible but cheap arrangement will be the best option for you? Well, if you’re looking for the best commercial space for your business in Sweden with these terms, you can always consider choosing a co-working space. Here, you will share the space with similarly minded businesses and you can always find the right space for your business once your needs change or if your business grows.