women Orgasm Shot

Tips for Making a women Orgasm Shot with Great Excitement

Making a woman achieve strong orgasms is really a combination of 3 things. These include; her mental state, stimulating the right spots, and your sexual stamina. Here is how you can get her having earth shattering orgasms. After this you will never have to worry about her faking it in bed again. Read on.

1. Emotional State

Her mental emotional state is just as important as her physical state during sex. If you want her to achieve strong orgasm shot, you need to establish some type of emotional connection with her. The problem with the term ’emotional connection’ is that makes men think this is something that needs to be “built up” over a long period of time and dates. This is not true.

In fact, you can create a strong emotional connection fairly quickly through building sexual tension. How do you do this? Simply tease her. Don’t be a jerk about it (make sure you’re playful) but call her out on things she says and does.

Just as well, make sure you never say sorry or laugh right after you tease her. This breaks the tension which is not good. You want to build as much tension as you can because it will all come out in the bedroom.

2. Stimulating the Right Spots

The best way to give her awesome orgasms is educating you on a woman’s sexual anatomy. I suggest you learn a couple of techniques which are proven to give maximum pleasure.

Oral sex is usually the best way to stimulate her most sensitive spots. So if you don’t like it.You better start!

3. Sexual Stamina

The fact of the matter is that you must work on improving your sexual stamina. You should be able to go as long as she wants you to without any problems. You can actually get to the stage where you can decide when to finish just by doing some simple exercises.